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Why you should never try to kill spiders with hair spray!

Vine by Daz_Black


1. This is open to NEW FLIGHT RISING PLAYERS ONLY!  To enter, Reblog this with your Flight Rising name.  I will check to make sure you’re a new player.  1 entry per person.  No giveaway blogs.

2. You do not have to be following me (but I do giveaways and post a bunch of animals / fandom.  If you like random, feel free to follow.)

3. Giveaway includes a breeding pair of dragons which I bought just for this giveaway  This is a nice bright pair and a sample of babies are shown.  They’ll both be ready to breed in about 2 weeks.  If bright isn’t your thing, don’t despair.  I’ll be offering other pairs in different colors for awhile which are purchased from the AH.  That helps people selling them as well as the new people on the site.

4. Giveway will run until 10/15 Flight Rising Time (right after the site shuts down for maintenance every day.  It’s 2:00am CST.)  I will pick a winner by Random Number Generator.

5. Likes are appreciated but don’t count as an entry.

6. Enjoy your new stuff if you win!

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